Here are a few possibilities for higher voices–some more appropriate for children, others for adults.

 Cluck, Old Hen for SA and piano 

A folk song from North Carolina arranged for the unchanged voices of the Albuquerque Boychoir.  Relatively easy but lots of fun, with syncopations and cackling giving the boys (or girls) a chance to cut loose a bit.

Published by Alliance Music, cat. #AMP 0799

 Cornish Lullaby for SSA and piano

You’ll hear the trolls sneaking through the dark in this setting of a poem by Eugene Field.

Published by Boosey & Hawkes.  cat # HL.48022623  

 I, the Light for SSA and piano

The text is beautifully evocative from the mystic, Hildegard von Bingen, and the setting utilizes a middle eastern scale, giving the whole an exotic and pulsating character.

Published by Kjos Music, cat. #  6346

 Tres Hermanicas for SSA and piano

“Tres Hermanicas” is a haunting ballad or romance from the Sephardic tradition.  Though it has many variants, this arrangement is based on the version collected on the Greek island of Rhodes and on the recording made by the late Judy Frankel.