Purchasing Music

Instant Gratification

Unlike the commercial publishers, I do not sell multiple copies of my music.  That would require my standing in line at the post office, for which  there is a $200 surcharge.  What you buy from me is a printable PDF and the license to make the stipulated number of copies for your choir or congregation.  

In that regard, I've finally caught up (sort of) with the technology of online sales to become a somewhat reluctant disciple of PayPal.  I have to admit, it's pretty simple:

       1.  Hit the "Add to Cart" button underneath the selection.

       2.  Change the quantity on the Shopping Card page to, oh, say 100 or 200 (however many in your choir).

       3. Here's where you want to pay attention:  After successfully checking out, you will find yourself back at a stock PayPal page asking what to do next.  Click on "Return to davidepoole.com"  

       Voila!  You will see a PDF of your music that is unlocked for printing.

 If you are part of the anti-PayPal crowd, that's okay.  Just USE THE CONTACT FORM to shoot me an email telling me the title and voicing of the piece(s), the number of copies and the name of your organization.  I'll send you the PDF as an email attachment, and you pinky-promise to send me a check.  

What you are buying is one of the following:

·      Choral License:  This is the most common and applies to virtually all choral titles.  You pay per copy (usually $1.50) for permission to make your required number of copies.  You can then do with you them whatever you would any published, copyrighted music octavos:  use them as often as you like, lend them to the Methodists down the street.  I ask only that neither you (nor the Methodists) make additional copies without permission.

·      Reprint License:  This one applies primarily to congregational music.  You pay a flat fee (usually $30) for permission to make as many copies as often as you like—for your bulletins, songbooks, to wrap hamburger in, etc. I  do ask that your copies carry the full copyright notice.

·      One-Time Use License:  This is what you need for a conference or workshop lasting 1-3 days.  My rates are those of the major licensing organizations and depend on the number of attendees expected.  Contact me.

·      Mechanical License:  This is the permission to record a piece as part of a CD or DVD that you intend to sell.  For simplicity, I use the statutory rates provided for in the US copyright law. Contact me for the specifics of that law (and I’ll try to figure it out).