Mixed Voices

-David E. Poole-


Most of this material was written for a church choir of some 25-30 folks, either my own group or others of similar size and ability.  In addition to anthem-length pieces, there are a number a shorter responses that can be yours for a song.

  African Hosanna for SATB, leader and percussion.   

This processional for Palm Sunday or similar occasion is based loosely on material from a Xitsa (Mozambique) worship song.  It uses both the original language and English and can be adapted in terms of length and function in the service.

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  As I went Down in the River to Pray for SATB a cappella.

This is the great southern folk hymn brought back to our consciousness by the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou."  The arrangement starts with an alto solo and builds from there as the call goes out and the crowd builds.  Also in TTBB (version featured in the recording).

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  Bendigamos for SAB with harp, guitar or piano.

This piece is an arrangement of a beautiful Sephardic (Jewish) song of blessing which is sung at table.  The text is Ladino, which is similar to Spanish.  There are no English words for singing, though a translation and pronunciation guide are provided.

Published by Transcontinental Music Publishers, Cat. #993155

  Cantaré Alabanzas al Señor  (I Will Sing Praises to God) for SATB and congregation, solo, piano, guitar and 2 trumpets.

A traditional Mexican song of praise ideal for a festive worship service or special occasion. The last verse also ties it to the Magnificat and so makes it a good possibility for later in Advent. Although a translation is provided, the lyrics are in Spanish only.  Fortunately the text is very simple:  the refrain is only two lines repeated and the verses each add only one additional line.

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  Canticle of the Spirit for SATB, hammered dulcimer (or piano), flute, optional string bass and percussion.

VERY POPULAR.  An original text and tune, the latter modal with a Celtic flavor.  Tells the story of Pentecost, beginning with the Genesis account of the Spirit moving over the water.

Published by Kjos Music, cat. #8992

  Choral Sentences for SATB a cappella and with keyboard.

A set of four choral responses for worship:  2 for Lent, 1 for Christ the King or Palm Sunday, and 1 general.

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  Christ Sends the Spirit for SATB, organ, brass quartet.

Not a sweet, singsong invocation of a gentle dove but a dramatic retelling of the Pentecost event.  Bold unison singing alternates with dissonant clashes while mixed meters add thunder to the unfolding drama.  Includes brass parts.

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  Come and See for SATB, solo, and percussion.

A snapping African American spiritual set with a new text for Easter or Eastertide.  VERY POPULAR.

Published by Kjos Music, Cat. #8922 


  Creator's Peace for SATB piano, flute and Native American Drum.

Combines text from Micah 4:2-4 with the words of a traditional Navajo prayer.  Something fresh for Advent or general use.

Published by Augsburg Fortress, Cat. # 978-0-8006-6435-0

  El Dio Alto for SAB, sop solo, harp/guitar/piano and castanets.

A traditional Jewish song of praise from the Sephardic tradition.  The text is Ladino, a close cousin of Spanish.  There is an English translation for meaning but not for singing.  Also includes a pronunciation guide.

Published by Transcontinental Music Publishers, Cat. #993182

  Four Gospel Responses from American Spirituals for SATB a cappella.

These arrangements are short and yet complete and can easily be adapted as anthems.  Set includes "I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me," "My Jesus Is a Rock," "I Know the Lord," "Standin' in the Need of Prayer."

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  Gloria Patri (African style!) for SATB and assembly.

Something a little zestier for this place in the service.  In the style of an African call-and–response. License includes permission to copy the melody line for your congregation.

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  Harvest of Heaven: Songs, Hymns and Chants of the Canterbury Shakers for SATB, flute and tambourine.

The hymns taken from the 1902 Hymnal of the Canterbury Shakers, here is a suite of lovely American tunes ranging from the robust to the breathlessly ethereal, the whole woven together by a solo flute.  Comes with instrumental part.  Also in TTBB (version in the recording).

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  Honey in the Rock for SSATB and soloists a cappella

A more challenging, contrapuntal arrangement of a wonderful, pulsing African American spiritual.

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  Hosanna Jubilee for SATB, children’s choir, congregation, piano and fiddle.

A very different type of Palm Sunday anthem.  I originally called it “Hosanna Hoedown,” but the publisher wouldn’t go along.  It’s in a very folksy style with a quasi-aleatoric section in the middle. Guaranteed to get some toes tapping.

Published by Kjos Music, cat. # 8882

  Little David, Play on Your Harp for SSATB a cappella.

A challenging polyphonic arrangement with lots of chromatic “blues notes.”  Requires at least one soprano who can scream out a Bb.

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  May I Speak Each Day for SATB with piano.

A flowing setting of a lovely prayer from the Carmina Gaedelica, with just enough dissonance to make it interesting.

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  Michael, Row the Boat Ashore for SATB with guitar.

A Sunday morning service-saver.  Easy but effective.

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  O Come, O Come Emmanuel for SATB and handbells (2 ringers).

An introit for use during Advent.

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  Pastorcitos del Monte, Venid (Come, Little Shepherds from the Mountains) for SATB, soloist and optional guitar.

A wonderful Spanish folk carol.  Spanish text only. Arrangement is fairly easy but requires at least a soloist with good command of Spanish.

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  Prayer of the Rich Young Ruler for SATB and organ.

The text imagines the thoughts of the rich young man after his interaction with Jesus as recounted in the Gospel of Mark. A chant-like melody with accompanied and a cappella sections.

Published by Emerson Music, cat. # TE95-21

  Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham for SATB a cappella.

An easy but fun arrangement for youth choir or save it for a Sunday morning emergency!

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  Ruminations for SATB, didgeridoo and percussion.

Okay, you might not have a lot of didg players in your rolodex.  All it really requires is a drone, which could be produced by a string bass or cello, or maybe organ or shrudi box.  The text is from the 13th century mystical Afgan poet known as  Rumi.

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  Somebody’s Knockin’ at Your Door for SATB and piano.

A funky, driving accompaniment moves the arrangement along with an a cappella section in the middle for variety.

Published by Kjos Music, cat. # 8949

  Tazama Wewe Nibwana for SATB a cappella (percussion's great)

Heard this one sung by a group of African refugees at fund-raising concert.  It's in Swahili only (one of the easier African languages to pronounce) and does contain a translation.

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  This Little Light of Mine for SAB a cappella.

A good arrangement for youth choir or a smaller adult group.

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  A Time for Every Season for SATB, solo and piano.

A setting of the comforting passage form Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8.  Piano part is somewhat challenging.

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  Viva, Jesus, Mi Amor for SATB with optional guitar.

A delightful, lilting Spanish carol.  Text is Spanish only.  The choir has very little text, which can easily be taught by rote, but you’ll need a soloist familiar with the language.

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