commission               MUSIC COMMISSIONS

I have taken commissions from childrens', high school, and adult choirs-- for occasions ranging from the dedication of a new building to a concert/mission tour of the Gulf Coast.  So if you have a landmark event on the horizon, or if you simply can't find the right piece for the digeree-doo virtuoso (digeree-doer? digereedude? digereedoodad?) in your school to accompany,  consider commissioning a new work! 

Whatever the event, I love tailoring a piece of music to the mood of a special occasion and to the strengths of a particular performer or ensemble.  As a singer, I write lines that are fun to sing—even for the altos!  I can (usually) work with your text or, if you don’t have anything in mind, find something suitable.

While most of what I have done in this area has been choral, I also write solo music and would consider writing for a wedding, anniversary, or similar event.  If you'd like to discuss a commissioning project, please contact me.